Extraction line

Production department of Limonnik Co. Ltd. has extraction line, finished product shop and analytical laboratory. Production process is strictly satisfied the requirements of Russian State standards for food industry.

We are purchasing high-quality plant raw from reliable providers. Product on your table originated from clean sites of Russian Far East. All plants used in our production has resource quite enough for reproduction in natural habits or cultivated.

Our plant raw processing metods excludes prolonged exposure to high temperature, also using of organic solvents and other harmful reagents. We are striving for retaining flavour and health-improving value of wild plants in the best state.

Technology of plant extracts production — the key component of process — has been approved by the Institute of Brewing and Wine-making industry, Moscow, and is considered to be the best among such technologies.

We have an experience in processing of raw materials hard or impossible to be used with traditional methods (for example, production of concentrated juices from berries with high level of gel-forming substances).

Business partners of our company succesfully introduces into market products on the base of our developments such as syrups, soft drinks, sugar and honey with additives, dairy and confectionary products etc. These products are notable for flavour and has in popular demand. Our specialists can develop and document producing technologies depending on customer's goals.

All our products are certified.

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