Research and development

Field expedition

Let's illustrate essence of our approach to new product creation by example.

Eleutherococcus has been extensively researched as valuable adaptogenic plant since 60-70th of last century. For the most part eleutherococcus is used for production of galenic preparations — in particular, aqueous-alcoholic extract, prescribed as remedy. Based on data analysis (mostly from special publications) we came to the conclusion that eleutherococcus can be safely used not only as remedy by patients, but as health-improving nutrient by healthy people — adults and children. Product formulae and technology of production were carefully developed, tested and approved. As a result we can offer now line of products with vivid, delicate flavour: syrup "Eleuthero with herbs", soft drink "Aroma of eleuthero", instant energizing drink "Adapt Eleuthero" etc.

Every our product undergoes the same way from idea to finished goods:

We critically comprehend receipts of folk cookery and medicine from position of modern science. We rely on knowledge and experience of mankind, accumulated from Hippocrates times.

Our research partners are qualified specialists of Far-Eastern Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences: Biology and Soil Institute (floristics), Pacific Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry (chemical composition analyses, pharmacological tests), Institute of Aquatic and Ecological Problems (introduction of wild plants into culture).

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