Food for health

More than two thousand years ago Hippocrates said "Let food be your medicine". These are true words, that have been quoted a thousand times, but for a long time food and medicine were separated in everyday life. Today public interest is shifted to functional food, that may provide health-improving effects beyond basic nutrition.

We consistently adhere to guiding principle "Nothing is unnecessary". Taste, color, aroma and consistence of our products originate exceptionally from natural components of plant raw material. The food must be health-giving, the medicine must be tasty.

As a rule, we begin to care of our health later than really need it. Health-improving products are highly recommended not only for therapy of health problems, but also for prophylaxis and for maintaining of good condition.

Nutraceutical content in our products corresponds to the food product standards. You may consume health food and drink with same limitation as regular one, but we strongly recommend to consult a specialist in case of health problems and/or individual intolerance of some product components.

Health food is not drastic remedies and can not substitute ordinary medicines.

More info about our health-improving products:



Natural syrups — fine example of delicious taste coupled with health-improving properties.


Natural soft drinks

Wild berries, herbs and roots gives to our soft drinks vivid, individual delicate taste and flavour.

Instant Chaga

Instant Chaga drinks

Chaga healing power in ready-to-use instant form.

Honey with herbs

Honey creams with herbs

Honey creams enriched with extracts of plants of the Ussuri taiga. Keeping the useful qualities honey gains additional healthy, flavoring and aromatic properties.

Energizing drinks

Energizing drink "Adapt"

Products for people with active life style and/or hardly working in extreme environment.

Herbal teas

Herbal teas

Health-improving teas "Ussuri Taiga" from Russian Far East medicinal plants and mushrooms.

Schisandra seed oil

Schisandra seed oil

Unique natural composition with strong tonic and adaptogenic properties.

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