Energizing drink "Adapt"

Energizing drinks "Adapt"

Energizing drinks "Adapt" were developed especially for people with active life style and/or hardly working in extreme environment. These products are also helpful in case of difficult work, especially if focused attention is essential.

We have two base variants of "Adapt":

Instant drinks "Adapt" were awarded with gold medal "The best domestic product" of IV All-Russian Exhibition "Russian producers and Armed Forces logistics" and gold medal of Nizhni Novgorod Fair 2004.

Syrups "Adapt"

Syrups "Adapt" are intended for using in harsh environmental conditions and/or hard work, for improving stress endurance and increasing alertness.

Recomenndation for using: add 1-3 table-spoons of syrup to one glass (cup) of drinking water or tea.

Instant drinks "Adapt"

Content of active components in instant drinks is increased in comparision with syrups. Thus, action is similar, but more sensible. Instant drink composition also includes binders on the basis of carrageenan, guar gum and starch for consistence formation.

Recommendation for using: dissolve package content in one glass (cup) of drinking water or tea. Dayly dosage is 1-3 packages.

Instant drinks "Adapt super"

Instant drinks “Adapt super” were developed specially for extreme situations. They contain triple concentration of active components and additional nutrients, such as vitamins. One package contains recommended daily doze, so this product should be used once before hard physical and mental work, intensive training, crucial competition etc.

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