Adapt Eleuthero

Health-improving properties

Eleutherococcus (aka Siberian ginseng) is a member of the same family Araleaceae as ginseng and has a similar tonic and adaptogenic properties, but without side effect of the last. Eleutherococcus increases physical and mental working capacity, improves athletic performance, stress endurance and adaptation ability, strengthens resistance to toxins and pathogenic factors, normalizes immunity level after infections, sugar and cholesterol level in blood.

Eleutherococcus is effective as health-improving remedy for recovery after illness, for prophylaxis of cold and flu, for adaptation to stress factors of wide nature.

Recommendation for using

Eleutherococcus provides prolonged cumulative action. We recommend to consume "Adapt Eleuthero" regularly for increasing of working ability, rest effectiveness and immune status.

Complex using of energizing drinks "Adapt Schisandra' and "Adapt Eleuthero" is more effective in the case of prolonged exposition to harsh environment.

It is recommended to avoid consumption of adaptogenic products before sleeping time (until keeping awake is necessary!) due to possibility of sleeping disturbance.

Adaptogenic products are not recommended at high temperature, during the acute period of infectious and somatic diseases, in case of excitement, insomnia, acute form of hypertonia!

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