Adapt Schisandra

Health-improving properties

Tonic and adaptogenic properties of schisandra (aka magnolia vine) have been used by traditional Chinese medicine for a long time.

Schisandra improves working capacity and stress endurance, stimulates dynamics of nervous system, tones up an organism, increases reaction rate, alertness and perception ability. Completion of tonic action is not accompanied with subsequent breakdown.

Recommendation for using

Schisandra has sharply expressed but relatively brief action (4-6 hours after intake) so we recommend to ņonsume "Adapt Schisandra" just before coming hard work or in the beginning of the working day.

Complex using of energizing drinks "Adapt Schisandra" and "Adapt Eleuthero" is more effective in the case of prolonged exposure to harsh environment.

It is recommended to avoid consumption of adaptogenic products before sleeping time (until keeping awake is necessary!) due to possibility of sleeping disturbance.

Adaptogenic products are not recommended at high temperature, during the acute period of infectious and somatic diseases, in case of excitement, insomnia, acute form of hypertonia!

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