Chaga instant drinks

Health-improving properties

Russian folk medicine have been using chaga for a long time. It was widely used in Siberian and Russian Far East rural areas instead of tea. Nowadays chaga is widely known health-improving product.

In folk healing practices and in modern medicine chaga decoction is used for cancer prophylaxis, as well as anti-inflammatory remedy for stomach-intestines diseases. Chaga enhanced protective properties of an organism, raises metabolism in brain tissue, inhibits a growth some kinds of tumours. It also decreases blood pressure, reduces sugar contents in blood.

Chaga has no side effects and can be consumed as both prophylactic remedy and food additive.

Instant chaga

Traditional methods of chaga using based on labourous and prolonged raw processing that includes drying, crushing and extraction of fungus. We have highly developed technology, that provides you ready-for-use product. Our processing method retains maximum content of active substances in product.

Now we can offer you chaga drink in following variations:

Recommendations for using

We recommend to use chaga drinks for the next purposes:

Just add hot or boiling water to portion of instant product and enjoy!

You can consume chaga instant drinks instead of tea or coffee without limitations. Chaga drinks are coffein-free and don't causes increase of blood pressure.

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