Aroma of Eleuthero


Water, sugar, citric acid, eleutherococcus rhizoma and root, atractylodes root, Amur cork tree fruits.

Health-improving properties

Eleutherococcus (aka Siberian Ginseng) — relic Far-Eastern plant, well known for its adaptogenic properties. Eleuthero increases endurance for stress factors, such as pathogenic organisms, toxins and extremal environment conditions. It also improves physical and mental working capacity, normalizes metabolism if consumed regularly.

"Aroma of Eleuthero" gives helth-improving properties of eleuthero for any consumer and quench thirst as well.

Recommendations for using

We recommend to use soft drink "Aroma of eleuthero" for maintaining immune system in good condition, as well as for cold and flu prophylaxis.

Mix package content with drinking, fizzy or mineral water for you taste. Recommended dilution is 1.5 l (approx. 50 fl. oz.) of water per one package.

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