Herbal teas

Herbal teas "Ussuri taiga"

We are glad to bring to you attention unique line of health-improving teas from Russian Far East medicinal plants and mushrooms.

Health-improving teas "Ussuri Taiga" has vivid delicate taste and aroma. These products are well suited for everyday consumption and for holiday table serving.

Every product in tea line is targeted on specific function and you can select custom tea for improving your's health. Tonic and adaptogenic teas with magnolia vine, ginseng and eleuthero will supply you energy for hard work, sport and active recreation. Tea with rose hips will make up a vitamin deficiency and prevent cold and flu. Tea with snowball is a good choice to cope with high blood pressure. A special items in our tea line are mushroom teas - a powerful stimulators of immune system with wide list of prescriptions.

Health-improving teas "Ussuri Taiga" are easy to use. Just let tea draw 3...5 min in teapot (one dessert spoon at 300 ml hot water) or brew up a teabag in a cup of hot water.

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