Composition: Chaga sorbent impregnated with Chaga extract.

Chaga (Inonotus obliquus) aka Birch mushroom bas been used in Russian folk medicine since olden times. In Siberian and Russian Far East rural areas Chaga was consumed instead of common tea. Today Chaga acquires worldwide distinction as a valuable health-improving product. Chaga from Russia, growing in a harsh continental climate with frosty winters, is in especially great demand on a world market.

Chaga is rich in polysaccarides with immunostimulating properties. High content of polyphenols and flavonoids make it a champion among products with antiradical activity. Mineral composition of Chaga is rich in salts of silicon, magnesium, manganese, zinc etc. High content potassium solts in Chaga is healthy for heart muscle.

In a folk medicine chaga is used for prophylaxis of oncological diseases and diseases of gastrointestinal inflammatory diseases. It also used as general health-improving remedy. Chaga improves function of defence system, activates metabolizm in brain tissues, pevents infammations, inhibits growth of tumors.

Chaga decoction decreases blood pressure, pulse rate and blood sugar level.

Chaga tea is caffein-free. You can consume it without limitations.

We recommend to use Chaga tea for the following purposes:


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