Ginseng with mint

Composition: Oplopanax root, Ginseng extract, mint extract.

Panax ginseng, "root of life" — legendary herb of traditional orient medicine. Ginseng root shows tonic action on a human organism. It increases blood circulation in brain vessels, tone up central nervous system, increases blood level, stimulates wound healing, cope with sexual disfunctions.

Tonic tea "Ginseng with mint" possesses stimulation activity, reduces fatique, improves physical endurance and mental capacity, improves immune status, protects organism from stress aftereffects, corrects metabolic disturbances.

In the folk medicine indications for ginseng taking are following:

As a strong adaptogen ginseng has ability to normalize all physiological parameters of organism.

Tea "Ginseng with mint" is recommended for prophylaxis of cold and flu, improving working capacity and endurance. It increases immune status, normalizes metabolic functions. Tea "Ginseng with mint" is especially recommended for elderly people. Oplopanax root and mint extract enriches health-improving properties of tea with additional benefits and gives it delicate taste and aroma.


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