Rose with Chaga

Composition: Chaga sorbent impregnated with rose hips extract.

Healing properties of rose hips were well known for a long time. Rose hips are particularly valuable source of vitamins (carotens, ascorbic acid, B2, K1, P, E) and flavonoids. Rose hip pulp is rich in invert sugar, pectins, malic and citric acids, potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, iron salts.

Rosehips improves immune status and matobolism, make up a vitamin deficiency. Rosehips possesses also cholagogue, diuretic, anti-atherosclerotic, bactericide, anti-inflammatory,
astringent, wound-healing, styptic, sedative, purgative, hematopoetic, general health-improving activity.

Healing properties of rose hips caused in many respects by ascorbic acid — this multifunctional reducing agent plays crucial role in processes of cell respiration, biosyntesis and regulation. Ascorbic acid activates metabolism, improves immune status, increases endurance. It also reduces cholesterol blood level and protects blood vessels.

Magnesium in rose hips takes away excess cholesterol, improves liver function, prevents formations of kidney stones.

We recommend to use "Rose with Chaga" tea for the following purposes:


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