Snowball with Chaga

Composition: Chaga sorbent impregnated with Snowball juice.

Snowball (Viburnum opulus) fruits for a long time were used both as food and as remedy. Snowball fruits contains up to 32% of invert sugar, tannins, organic acids, ascorbic acid and other valuable vitamins.

Snowball fruits and juice reduces blood pressure, strengthens blood vessels, protects liver, possesses general healt-improving and sedative properties. Regular consumption of snowball fruits decreases cholesterol blood level.

In a folk medicine snowball fruits are used for stimulation of gastric juice, as a light purgative, as anti-inflammatory and diuretic remedy.

Tea "Snowball with Chaga" removes stress, improves feeling, appetite and respiratory functions, normalizes high blood pressure.

We recommend to use Snowball with Chaga tea for the following purposes:

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