Honey cream with Ginseng

Knowledge about medical properties of Panax ginseng has intertwined with legends. The history doesn’t know a medicine which would be appreciated so highly. The root of Ginseng found in mountains was on sale for triple weight of gold and large roots competed in price with diamonds. Ginseng was considered as a symbol of good and justice, source of life and development.

The basic active substances of Ginseng are the complex of ginsenosides, besides it contains numerous enzymes, vitamins, essential oils, microelements. Due to the toning up properties “the root of life” is more effective than such well known stimulators as fenamin and caffeine. However, unlike them Ginseng is the harmless stimulator; it is possible to use it often and for a long time.

We recommend to use “Honey cream with Ginseng” as toning up and health improving remedy to increase resistibility of an organism to stress and environment effects, for prevention of “illnesses of age”, including cancer, diabetes and hypertension.

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