Schisandra seed oil

Schisandra seed oil is unique natural composition with strong tonic and adaptogenic properties.

Effectiveness of schisandra seed oil was proven by Russian high rated athletes — hockey players of CSKA (the famous Russian Army sport club) and swimmers. It was also successfully tested in extremely hard Arctic conditions. High activity of Schisandra seed oil was confirmed by researchers of Medical Institute in Rostov.

Official conclusion of All-Russian Physical culture and Sport Research Institute confirms high effectiveness of Schisandra seed oil for improving of athletic performance.

Health-improving properties

Primary activity of schisandra seed oil is associated with schisandrins, which is responsible for stimulating and health-improving effect of this product. Other valuable oil components are polyunsaturated fatty acids — linolenic and oleinic (vitamin F), which increase rate of lipid decomposition and removing from an organism, thus they normalize lipid metabolism and become precursors in biosynthesis of  prostaglandine substances with diversed physiological action.

Besides strongly expressed tonic and adaptogenic properties schisandra seed oil stimulates neural dynamics, improves reaction and perception, possesses anti-infammatory properties, normalizes digestion.

Some data indicates also anti-tumour activity of schisandra seed oil.

Recommendation for using

We recommend to use schisandra seed oil for the next purposes:

Recommended dayly dosage is 1-3 capsules or drops.

It is recommended to avoid consumption of adaptogenic products before sleeping time (until keeping awake is necessary!) due to possibility of sleeping disturbance.

Adaptogenic products are not recommended at high temperature, during the acute period of infectious and somatic diseases, in case of excitement, insomnia, acute form of hypertonia!

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