Syrups "Ussuri taiga"

We are glad to offer you natural syrups "Ussuri taiga" — fine example of delicious taste coupled with health-improving properties. Syrups contain wild berries, herbs and roots, collected in remote regions of Far East taiga. Our syrups can be added to tea, drinking water, cocktales, desserts, ice cream. And, of course, you may consume syrups themselves.

Syrups consist of concentrated extracts of "Ussuri taiga" series. Syrups are produced on the base of sugar, honey or sugar-substitutes (sorbitol, xylitol, fructose etc). Shelf life depends on the base (sugar or sugar-substitute), package and bottling technology.

Syrups "Ussuri Taiga" were awarded with 2 gold medals in international competition "The best soft drink and mineral water 1999" and silver medal of Nizhni Novgorod Fair 2004.

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