Hawthorn with herbs


Sugar, water, hawthorn fruits, elecampane root, nettle, mint, citric acid.

Health-improving properties

Hawthorn fruits are widely used in official and traditional folk medicine to cure heart diseases. Extract from the fruits shows toning up effect for cardiac muscle, strengthens blood circulation in brain and heart vessels, removes tachycardia and arhytmia, improves sleep and general status of an organism.

Additional herbs in syrup composition expands the sedative effect of hawthorn fruits.

Recommendation for using

We recommend to use syrup and balsam "Hawthorn with herbs" for the following purposes:

This product is good for the persons both with high and low blood pressure.

Add syrup to you taste into tea, drinking water and other drinks or just consume the syrup itself. Usual dosage is 1-2 teaspoons per teacup.

Take with care in case of bradicardy (low rate of heart beating)!

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