Manchurian walnut


Sugar, water, Manchurian walnut pericarp, citric acid.

Health-improving properties

Kernels of Manchurian walnut are comparable with famous Persian walnuts in nutritious and health-improvong properties, but it is less popular as food due to hard thick shells. Unripe pericarps of Manchurian walnut are used for jam. Syrup from Manchurian walnut is our speciality version of this exotic delicacy.

Manchurian walnuts have spasmolytic, vasodilating, analgetic, antihelminthic, antimicrobial, sedative, diuretic, astringent, styptic, tonic properties. Manchurian walnut improves digestive funtions, reduces blood sugar level, heals thyroid gland diseases.

Recommendation for using

We recommend to use syrup and balsam "Manchurian walnut" for the following purposes:

Add syrup to you taste into tea, drinking water and other drinks or just consume the syrup itself. Usual dosage is 1-2 teaspoons per teacup.

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