Propolis with herbs


Sugar, water, meadowsweet, yellow melilot, snowball fruits, eleutherococcus rhizoma and root, propolis, citric acid.

Health-improving properties

Propolis is a substance used by bees for varnishing of the internal surface of a beehive and mummification of killed pests. The medicinal properties of propolis have been mentioned in the ancient treatises since the time of Avicenna. Active substance of propolis has an analgesic effect, activates the immune system and wound-recovering processes, and shows an anticancer and anti-inflammatory action.

Herb additions in syrup composition increase anti-infammatory and recovering effect of propolis.

Recommendations for using

We recommend to use syrup and balsam "Propolis with herbs" for the following purposes:

Add syrup to you taste into tea, drinking water and other drinks or just consume the syrup itself. Usual dosage is 1-2 teaspoons per teacup.

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