Sugar, water, magnolia vine fruits and liana, citric acid.

Health-improving properties

Relic Far-Eastern plant schisandra (aka magnolia vine) is named in Chinese ancient treatises as "five flavored fruit". Traditional Chinese and Tibetan medicine have been using schisandra for a long time. The plant was classified among the superior medicines which were said to "prolong the years of life without aging". Far-Eastern residents used schisandra berries as food while hunting. Dried berries gave them strength and cheerfulness.

Schisandra stimulates the central nervous system, shows anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antimicrobe, antifungoid and anticancer effects. Stimulating effect of schisandra is similar to action of ginseng, but not such strong.

Schisandra is taken as a stimulating and adaptogenic remedy in case of physical and mental exhaustion. It is helpful in the treatment of hypotonia, asthenia and depression.

Recommendations for using

We recommend to use syrup and balsam "Schisandra with herbs" for the following purposes:

Add syrup to you taste into tea, drinking water and other drinks or just consume the syrup itself. Usual dosage is 1-2 teaspoons per teacup.

It is recommended to avoid consumption of adaptogenic products prior to sleep (until keeping awake is necessary!) due to possibility of sleeping disturbance.

Adaptogenic products are not recommended at high temperature, during the acute period of infectious and somatic diseases, in case of excitement, insomnia, acute form of hypertonia!

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